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Kaia Roman

Kaia Roman is a freelance writer and communications consultant for people, projects, and products working toward a better world. Over the past twenty years, Kaia has been a publicist, ghost writer, and editor for rock stars, shamans, and scientists. She’s launched multiple companies and helped her clients rise to wild success. She’s now a full-time tech writer and frequent blogger on mindbodygreenThe Huffington Post, and other wellness sites. She also has the honor of teaching Mindfulness to elementary school children. Kaia’s book, The Joy Plan, is available wherever books are sold.



“I hired Kaia as a consultant to establish a marketing strategy and execute on the plan. Starting from having almost nothing in place, Kaia quickly understood our tone and messaging and ran with it: making a compelling new website, putting together high-quality product marketing materials, and leading the PR effort for our launch. Kaia has a keen understanding of people, is a fantastic writer, and is a true pleasure to work with.” Rob Conant, CEO Cirrent
“Kaia is a great partner. She takes feedback extremely well and is able to work on very tight timelines. With Kaia on your team, you're sure to soar!” Sally Zhao, Product Marketing Manager Google
"Kaia is a copywriter extraordinaire! She's incredibly skilled, conscientious, communicative, and quick too!" Sean McBride, Creative DirectorTwilio
"Kaia and I worked together when I was heading marketing creative and content strategy at Doctor On Demand, and I can attest, you will be lucky to have her." Reed Perkins, Former Creative Director Doctor On Demand
"Working with Kaia was the single best return on investment I have received in the realm of marketing and PR in all of my years in business. Within a short period of time, and with sparse resources, she created an absolute whirlwind of publicity and opportunity. Kaia seems to utilize a kind of alchemy with her work - she weaves her magic and creates a groundswell of interest and action wherever she focuses her attention." Tim Winton, Founder and Creator Change Leaders Academy and PatternDynamics
"I have known Kaia for nearly 20 years. Over the course of almost two decades, I have been honored to witness her masterful creation of one successful project after another. Kaia is deeply driven by a personal mission to create lasting positive change in the world, and I look forward to seeing what she will create in the decades to come." Sara Ellis Conant, Co-founder and Board Member Young Women Social Entrepreneurs (YWSE)
"Kaia made a huge impact in her year of service to Green School. We were very fortunate to benefit from her expertise in public relations, which she used to secure worldwide media coverage for our school including an HBO special, TIME Magazine, and more than 200 other articles, blog posts, documentaries, radio interviews, and TV news pieces. Kaia also worked on the Green School website and social media presence, resulting in tripled website visits, a nearly doubled social media following, and an increase of 20,000 subscribers to Green School's newsletter. Kaia's efforts and programs had a significant impact on our admissions numbers." Christopher Thompson, General Manager Green School Bali
"Kaia created the basis for our marketing department and strategy. Her groundwork allowed us to grow on a solid foundation, leading to more than a decade of successful expansion." Ron Zaidman, Co-Founder, President and CEO Five Branches University
“Kaia is the type of human being that CAUSES things to happen. She is a creator. Kaia is a masterful writer, a genius creative force, a skilled editor, and an all-around fantastic person.” Chris Cale, PhD, Faculty Member Walden University
"Kaia is an absolute joy to work with. She is tireless, inventive, resourceful and fun – all of the things I look for in a thought partner and creative collaborator." Niko Everett, Executive Coach and Inspirational SpeakerMeet Yourself
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